Healthy eating programme at Pantyffynnon Partnership

Residents of Pantyffynnon and the surrounding area have had the chance to learn more about healthy cooking and eating.
Communities First has recently run a Healthy Cooking Programme at Pantyffynnon Partnership with Little Cooks R Us.
The programme was a short course that provided the residents in and surrounding Pantyffynnon with the opportunity to develop their cooking skills and was based on healthy food that was easy to make and on a budget.
Emma Leah from Little Cooks R Us provided the sessions and allowed each individual the opportunity to learn, discuss and plan their healthy meals at the centre. Many of the participants involved stated that they could follow the meals cooked in the sessions at home and were happy with their new skills.
Nadia Seale said: “This course has shown me how easy it is to make easy delicious food and has increased my ability to prepare food safely.”
Amy Seale said: “I have learnt many different skills while doing this course which will help in future cooking opportunities. I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and I am more confident in cooking my own healthy food now.”
Paula Treharne also found the course very useful.
“Had a great time cooking items and recipes that I had no idea how to do, such as spicy sweet potato wedges and fruity healthy flapjacks.
“The small group was an ideal environment for us where we had the opportunity to learn at an easier pace and not too overwhelming. Emma was an excellent and patient facilitator. Thank you.”


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