Movie production team moves back to Llanelli

Shadow of the Missing, a movie currently in production in both the UK and the United States, has returned to Llanelli, prompted by the loss of a historic church in that community.
The August fire devastated the Park Church structure, which was built in the 1860s.
“The loss of this historic structure is indeed a tragedy, but perhaps some good can come from it,” said Jamie Lee Smith, American film producer.
“We have built a story for our movie around the history and mythology of this region. It only makes sense to include this latest chapter in that story.”
Smith stated that the plot of the movie has been changed to include the church fire as a key element. In addition to footage and interviews related to the fire, the production company will feature additional scenes in and around Wales and Carmarthenshire.
A large number of local residents have been invited be a part of filming this time around as well.
“We loved working with local talent both in cast and crew. Since we have this opportunity to return, we want to feature more of the community and its people in the movie. They have been so supportive of this effort,” said Smith.
Shadow of the Missing tells the dramatic story of a group of film makers attending the Carmarthen Bay Film Festival who are caught up in a mystery involving local legends and the supernatural.
It features several recognisable faces from the world of comedy, television, and film.
The team at Global Rockstar Productions is busy working on travel arrangements and production plans.
Filming will take place this time from October 21st to the 24th.
Smith and others involved will also be available for media interviews and appearances during that time. 

Photo: Jamie Lee Smith with Kelvin Guy, chief executive of the Carmarthen Bay Film Festival.

Jamie Lee Smith Contact:  UK 07 823 762297


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