Carmarthenshire Council customer service centre to stay at The Hub

The Carmarthenshire Council customer service centre is to stay at The Hub bringing thousands more people into Llanelli town centre each month.
The service had been temporarily relocated from Ty Elwyn whilst maintenance work was carried out.
However, Council Leader Cllr Emlyn Dole said the move had been such a success in bringing people into the town centre that he had asked for it to be made permanent.
The customer service centre deals with around 5,000 enquiries every month, on issues ranging from housing benefit and council tax claims to licensing and Blue Badges.
Cllr Dole has also asked for the cash machine to be installed in The Hub which is estimated to be used around 2,000 times per month. The machine can be used to pay things like council tax or rent.
Cllr Dole said he had the idea to permanently relocate the services after spending a morning working at The Hub with customer service centre staff.
“There was a real buzz about the place,” he said, “I was surprised that the Customer Service Centre receives thousands of visits each month, with the cash machine generating thousands more.
“That is a total of around 7,000 enquiries per month, with many people coming into the town centre who would not previously have done so.
“That is why I gave the direction to permanently move these services into The Hub, as that can play a part in generating the footfall the town centre needs.”
Along with visits to The Hub, relocating Ty Elwyn staff has had the knock-on effect of other staff being moved into that building, who may use the town centre during lunchtime.
There are also plans to move other staff into the Eastgate offices, which should also increase the number of visits into town.
Cllr Dole added: “By moving our own staff into offices in Llanelli town centre, this should have a direct impact on footfall and trade, as they spend in the town centre during lunchtimes or after work.
“The council is committed to playing its part, in as many ways as it can, in generating more visits to the town centre.”


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