Recycling rates in Carmarthenshire continuing to rise

Recycling rates in Carmarthenshire are continuing to rise and residents are being congratulated for all their hard work.
Provisional figures released for 2014/15 show we are recycling approximately 60% of our rubbish here in Carmarthenshire, which means we have already achieved the Welsh Government target of 58% for 2015/16.
The all Wales recycling figure is 56%.
The Statistics for Wales report show the combined reuse, recycling and composting rates for all local authorities in Wales.
Carmarthenshire achieved a four per cent increase on the previous year.
Executive Board Member for the Environment Cllr Hazel Evans said: “I am delighted that here in Carmarthenshire we have not only met but already exceeded this year’s statutory target of 58% and I cannot thank residents enough for all their efforts.
“We have come a long way since 2003 when we were recycling just 9.4% of our rubbish, and we could not have achieved this figure without the co-operation of householders.”
A number of initiatives are underway across the county to help residents recycle including more recycling banks for small electrical items and community recycling advisors visiting householders to offer advice.
Cllr Evans added: “We are doing very well indeed but we still have a long way to go with a recycling target of 70% to reach by 2024/25.
“We are asking residents to look at what else can be recycled, many people just recycle items from their kitchen or living room but we need to look upstairs too, from toilet roll tubes and shampoo bottles, to empty aerosol cans and plastic coat hangers.
“If we can all recycle one or more items, it will make a big difference.”
For a full list of what can go in your blue bags visit the council website.


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