Grants available from the Welsh Church Fund in Carmarthensire

The Carmarthenshire Welsh Church Fund is available to churches, chapels, charitable organisations and individuals for grant support for the following purposes:
  • the advancement of education; libraries, museums, art galleries, etc;
  • relief of poverty;
  • advancement of religion,
  • and other purposes beneficial to the communities.
Applications can be made at any time.
For chapels and churches the grant rate is 20 per cent of project costs up to £10,000.
Capital projects in excess of £100,000 may be eligible for grant award of £10,000 on condition that all other funding for the project is in place. Confirmation in writing will be required.
For village halls the grant rate is 12.5 per cent up to a maximum of £3,000, and for individuals the grant support will be between £50- £150 subject to the content of the application.
April 2013/14 - 34 projects were successfully awarded to the value of £85,621 and from April 2014, another 77 grants have been awarded to the value of £60,209.00
For more information please contact Carmarthenshire County Council’s, Community Bureau Team on 01269 590216 or


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