CCTV cameras help catch litter lout in Llanelli

CCTV cameras worn by council environmental enforcement officers have helped to catch a litter lout who gave them false details.
Enforcement officers issued a fixed penalty notice for £75 to a man who dropped a beer can in Station Road in Llanelli.
However, when they got back to the office to process the penalty notice they discovered he had given them a false name and address.
Luckily, they had video footage of the culprit and through inquiries were able to find out his true identity.
He will now be prosecuted in the magistrates court for two offences under the Environmental Protection Act 1990 – one for dropping litter and the other for providing false details to an authorised officer
The maximum fine that can be imposed for littering is £2,500.
Director of Environment Christina Harrhy said: “Anyone caught dropping litter will be fined; and if people think they can get away with it by providing false details, then they are wrong. We will catch up with them and we will prosecute them in court.
“Officers wear these cameras on their uniform for a number of reasons. They help protect them from abuse or violence which they are often subjected to as they go about their job. They can also be used in evidence; and as in this case, they have helped us to identify someone who thought they were being clever by providing false details. The cameras are clearly displayed on their uniforms and officers always tell people they being filmed.
“We are determined to clean up Carmarthenshire and anyone caught breaking the law in this way will be dealt with accordingly.”


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