Communities encouraged to 'dress-up' for the Eisteddfod

Communities in Carmarthenshire are being given an opportunity to show that they live in the loveliest area in the county.
Carmarthenshire’s Loveliest Locality Competition aims to encourage communities throughout the county to dress their area up in readiness for the arrival of this year’s National Eisteddfod.
The council’s executive board member with responsibility for the Eisteddfod Cllr Keith Davies said: “It has been such an achievement for the majority of appeal committees to have reached and exceeded their targets. This is our opportunity to celebrate their hard work and enthusiasm.
“The aim of this competition is to ensure that Carmarthenshire gives the National Eisteddfod a true Welsh welcome. All those visiting the area can be confident that, from whatever direction they come, they will see flowers, pretty shop windows, plenty of colour and of course bunting.”
The competition will be judged on Monday July 28 when the Chair of Carmarthenshire County Council Cllr Daff Davies will be joined by Welsh broadcaster Sulwyn Thomas and National Botanic Garden of Wales volunteer Jean Oliver to tour the county to find the loveliest locality.
The winning area will be announced and presented with a plaque, sponsored by the National Botanic Garden of Wales, at midday on Sunday August 3 at the Carmarthenshire County Council stage at the centre of the Eisteddfod Maes.

Basic Rules
Each entry must correspond to the locality of an appeal committee.
No time is given to any community as to when the judges will be in their locality.
Each locality must ensure that they adhere to specific policies such as fly posting and fly tipping.
Where and when required those entering the competition must complete a seasonal decorations application form.
Only authorised County Council staff can install bunting on council-owned lighting columns and they must use a mobile elevating platform (not a ladder). For further information 01554 742274.
Localities that have not adhered to basic rules will be penalised.
Bunting can be ordered free via the National Eisteddfod.
If you wish to source any other way to decorate your locality then this is your responsibility and the county council cannot be responsible for any cost incurred.
Judges will look for a locality that has managed to portray the Eisteddfod and has brought the Welsh culture and ‘hwyl’ of the event to their locality.
The winning locality will be informed on Wednesday July 30 to ensure that representation from that locality can attend the Eisteddfod Maes on Sunday August 3 to collect their Loveliest Locality plaque.
The winning locality will be responsible for siting their winning plaque within their chosen area.
Judges decision is final.


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