Couple of old photos from the family archive

Couple of old photos from the family archive -

Photo of Llanegwad Church in the Tywi Valley. Date unkknown.

My grandather, 'Tommy' (Thomas Rhys) Lloyd, of Tyllandre, Llanegwad in the Tywi Valley, Carmarthenshire.


Paul Brown said…
Hello- I was doing a random Google picture search on Llangewad Church and came across your photograph. I am researching the Rev. Evan Thomas who was rector there from 1882- 1917. Can you tell me if there is anything written on the back of the photo about the chap in the top right hand corner. I have never seen a picture of the Rev. Thomas - so I have no idea if it is him but it looks the right period and the photo is of a clergyman and his church. I would be really interested if you could let me know. All the very best, Paul

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