Victory for campaigners in Sainsbury's Llandeilo battle

Campaigners in the battle to keep Sainsbury's superstore out of Llandeilo have won a stunning victory.
The supermarket giant withdrew its controvserial plan for a Llandeilo store this afternoon.
Simon Buckley, chief executive of the Evan-Evans Brewery and owner of the White Horse Inn, said -
"I am glad that common-sense has prevailed.
"The people of Llandeilo have had to work very hard to lobby against Sainsbury's plans.
"I welcome the news that our great town of Llandeilo is not going to be blighted by this oversized development.
"The campaigners against the development can feel a great sense of pride in that all their hard work has paid off. Plainly, Sainsbury's recognised that they would not win the argument.
"But the Sainsbury's issues must now be consigned to the past.
"We now must focus on developing new job opportunities and working with the various agencies to help people find alternative work opportunities in this area.
"At Evans-Evans, we want to lead the way and will be announcing new job opportunities here at the brewery after Christmas.
"There will also be opportunities for new apprentices throughout our pub estate.
"I now challenge Carmarthenshire Council's chief executive Mark James (and the other senior officers in the council) to meet with me and other employers in the area to discuss what the council can do to support us.
"I would hope that they would be able to offer a similar level of support to that which they (the council) showed in backing the Sainsbury's plan.
"Sainsbury's development at Cross Hands is an obvious opportunity for Carmarthenshire.
"In Llandeilo, we are simply delighted that we can now focus on a positive future for our great town and community.
"Llandeilo is a gem of a town and one which needs careful nurturing for it to thrive."
A Sainsbury’s spokesman said: 
"Sainsbury’s has wanted to bring a store to Llandeilo since before we announced our intentions last year.
"Unfortunately, the continued delays and uncertainty over approval for the store have made it impossible for us to continue.
"We will now be withdrawing our application in Llandeilo and focusing on the Cross Hands application in Carmarthenshire, which will bring forward the remediation of a larger development and create hundreds of new jobs in the area, as well providing land for housing, a new health centre and care home.
"I apologise sincerely to all those who have supported us through this process.
"We are disappointed that we have been unable to bring a new store to the wonderful town of Llandeilo."


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