The big 'Cwtsh' debate hits Twitter

The Welshman who puts the ‘Cwtsh’ into comedy has sparked an internet debate on the use of the word.
Should the favourite Welsh word for a hug be a ‘Cwtsh’ or a ‘Cwtch?’ – that is the question.
According to Phil Evans, the resident ‘Hug-meister’ of Wales, the correct spelling of the word is Cwtsh.
“I am sure there will be plenty of Welsh scholars out there willing to say different, but in my book it should always end in ‘sh’ rather than ‘ch’,” said Evans.
The debate started when Evans billed his St Dwynwen’s Day gig at the Pontardawe Arts Centre as ‘Comedy and Cwtshes’.
“I’ve always been adamant that the correct version is ‘Cwtsh’, so it has been interesting to follow the debate on social media sites.
“In particular, I’ve been interested to see that Huw Irranca-Davies, MP for Ogmore, has been having his say on the debate.
“I think it would be better if we stopped short of a Parliamentary debate or a Prime Minister’s Question on the matter, but it is very interesting to hear people’s views!”
The Pontardawe show raised cash for Follow Your Dreams – a charity which makes dreams come true for children.
“It was a great cause and a great occasion,” said Evans, who is one of the most respected comedians on the circuit in Wales.
“I hand-picked a team of seven other very talented Welsh comedians for the show - Gary Slaymaker, Daniel Glyn, Alan Wightman, Matt Steel, Eirlys Bellin, Geraint Evans and Ignacio Lopez
“The show was an amazing success, with two hours of non-stop laughter. Yes, people were crying with laughter. The positive comments and feedback on Facebook and Twitter have been moving and encouraging.
“Within an hour of the show one lady sent me a private message on Facebook –
‘Hi Phil just wanted to say thank you for putting together such a lovely evening of laughter for us all to enjoy and for such a worthwhile cause. I haven’t seen my dad laugh like that for a very long time as he's been battling with depression.
‘Before the show started he was very restless and uncomfortable due to being among so many people. Then, during the interval, after much laughter, he turned to me and smiled, saying 'thank you' for the night and he gave me a hug. This is from a very proud man who doesn't show his feelings very often. Think you've helped more people than just the charity!
‘I cried all the way home, Phil, thank you so very much.’

Evans added: “Comedy touches lives in more ways than one. This is something worth sharing, especially as we are now hearing more and more about depression and mental illness. There is even an advert on TV dealing with this subject. Sometimes laughter is the best medicine!”
Here are some of the Twitter comments –
Huw Irranca-Davies @IrrancaDaviesMP
#Cwtch is definitely coming in as the preferred spelling from eminent Welshies, though #Cwtsh may be o'r Gogledd
SaySomethingInWelsh @DailyWelshWords
We give those out for free! e-cwtch should arrive just about now #cwtch
Huw Irranca-Davies @IrrancaDaviesMP
Overwhelming support for #cwtch - including from the commercial sector (thanks to Shirley at Millies Market) and from North Wales
Martin M. Jones @deCymru
Reply to @IrrancaDaviesMP #cwtch is my preferred spelling, not that I'm eminent (yet)...
JanHanna Thomas @Hunni_han
Love the word #Cwtch it's too cute #FavouriteThingAboutWales
JanLee Crabb @scrumpix
@discoagogo my grandparents used to say that #cwtch

Follow Your Dreams is a South Wales charity which raises funds and awareness to help youngsters with learning disabilities to ‘Follow Their Dreams’, helping them to explore and develop their potential through music, art, sport and drama.


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