Alan puts the spotlight on QR codes

St Clears photographer and businessman Alan Evans is putting the spotlight on the new QR code technology.
QR code is a special type of bar code which can be used by smartphone users.
The technology makes getting further information and links as easy as a camera click.
Mr Evans said: "QR codes are becoming essential marketing tools with the sales growth of mobile phones with cameras, providing the user with an instant response.
"The QR code can hold a variety of information - URL links to websites, PDFs with business details, links to social networks and much more.
"The benefits are that your leaflet does not get outdated-once the QR code is printed. The information it targets can be updated as frequently as you want.
"There's no need for reprints. One of the biggest problems with advertising is publishing and printing cost. "The cost of printing 10,000 copies of a single brochure is a lot. 
"When crucial information changes, the advertisers would have to make the change and reprint. The same QR Code can be used for multiple promotions because all you need to do is to change the mobile web page that the link leads to.
"For example, you can run a QR Code marketing campaign and publish a QR Code on a brochure or business card. Three months down the road, some details about the campaign change. Instead of changing the information you have on the brochure and reprint, all you have to do is to change the link's destination.
"The QR code can be attached to anything-leaflets, business cards, websites, emails etc
"When you hand out brochures or flyers, collection of data is almost close to impossible unless you conduct a survey later on. Even then, the data collected may not be accurate.
"With QR code marketing, intricate details of each access of the QR Code is compiled instantly, so, let's say someone is accessing your mobile web in India, you would know. In a lot of ways, the QR Code as a marketing mechanism is nearly flawless.
"Our business takes care of the code generation and can supply the finished code for a one-off cost of £150.00 until April 2012.
"For an example go to"
If you require further information, contact
Charles Mitchell
Pos Hardware
3 Market St
SA33 4SA
Tel: 01994 427616
Alan Evans
The Mezzanine
High Street
St. Clears
01994 231776
07760 453350
See an earlier story about how the Healing The Wounds charity is using QR code -


StClearsTimes said…
Many thanks Mr. Lloyd. I just hope that people in West Wales take advantage of this as it will reap the rewards for tourism and business. The codes and what is to come have the capacity to revolutionize marketing. Businesses and tourist attractions will be able to save money in the long term. Thanks again for blogging it and I note it has had coverage on BBC News again today.

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