County council advertising boycott?

The jungle drums were beating very loudly at the Llanelli Star centenary party staged at the Stradey Park Hotel, Llanelli, last night.
The suggestion was that Carmarthenshire County Council boss Mark James had decided to pull advertising from the Carmarthen Journal.
Surely, not.
Surely, if he had decided to take such action,county councillors would be aware of the matter.
But, there again . . .


caebrwyn said…
could you speculate as to why Mark James might possibly be taking this action? I notice that council job vacancies are never advertised in the Journal anyway so could this be a more drastic 'excommunication'?
Robert Lloyd said…
Think he has taken offence at recent Journal stories. Perhaps it was the one on page 2 last week re Simons? It will be interesting to see where this one goes.
caebrwyn said…
That story wasn't in our edition of the Journal so I haven't seen it but I did send this
for the letters page about three weeks ago. The SW Guardian printed it but the Journal didn't. Was the story along those lines?
Robert Lloyd said…
Yip - that's the one!

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