The latest Phil Evans column from the South Wales Evening Post

The latest Phil Evans column from the South Wales Evening Post.
Comedian Phil Evans is from Ammanford. He is known as the man who puts the ‘cwtsh’ into comedy.


‘Hole New Thing in Swansea!’

Readers, I started this week off by being very, very, confused.
I had just sat down to catch-up on some television when a friend telephoned me.
He asked if I would like to join him for a game of Footgolf!
Now, I have played football and I have played golf; both, very badly I may add.
But, I had never, ever heard of, or played, this new sport called 'Footgolf'.
So, my friend explained to me the rules of the game.
'If you can kick a football, you can play footgolf', he told me. And, once I had visited the new FootGolf course on Swansea's Mumbles Road, I quickly realised that I could play. And, in doing so, I had a ball!
Footgolf is as easy as it sounds. It's basically playing a game of golf using a football.
Yes, the balls and holes are a lot larger than those in golf, but there is a lot more fun to be had. And, although it is as easy as kicking a ball into a hole, with the least amount of kicks, I couldn't help but enjoy the challenge.
I was also amazed by who was playing the game.
I had expected there to be sportspersons there, but it was not only these enthusiasts that were enjoying themselves. All walks of life were on the course: the young and the more mature. I chatted to businessmen who were on there for a teambuilding course; ladies celebrating a hen party, and also a charming, retired couple playing for exercise!
Yet, the one thing that really pleased me was to see the children playing in the fresh air.
They were getting fit and they were outdoors and away from their computer games and forgetting about their mobile phones whilst doing it!
The afternoon really reminded me of how we can all enjoy the simpler things in life, together. And, I can't give a 'red card' to the attempt of anyone who tries to 'tackle' the sport.
There was a lovely feeling from being surrounded by the people of Swansea who were trying something new and having a great time whilst sharing the experience.
And, although I came second in the match with my friend, I felt I had won, because I hadn't just sat in front of the television, all afternoon.


The Welsh Three Peaks Challenge:

G.I. Joe Personal Training has helped to organise the third Welsh Three Peaks Challenge which happens on the 5th of June to raise much needed funds for local children with Autism (through Active For Autism).
This means walking up (and down) Cadair Idris, Snowdon and Pen-Y-Fan in 12 hours or less - a total distance of 16 miles and making a total ascent of around 2000m, in some of the most remote places in Wales.
G.I. Joe Personal Training have been raising money for charity for the past three years and want to out-do last year’s total, aiming for in excess of £2000.
They’ve put a team together of 14 personal training clients and BeachFit Body members.
The Welsh Three Peaks Challenge will push people to the limit, helping them to achieve bucket list goals and get a sense of what they are really capable of.
The challenge for all 14 entrants is to complete the course in 12 hours or less.
I’m sure we all wish them the very best of luck.


Magic Matt:

The highlight of last week for me was a meeting with Swansea magician and entertainer, Matt Steele.
This catch up took place at a local coffee shop and the place was crowded. Matt offered me a seat at his table, explaining that he'd be leaving soon to perform at a party. Little did I know that we'd all end-up having a impromptus show of our own!
Within moments of Matt delving into his bag of tricks, he'd created not only an amazing balloon aeroplane, but a room full of laughter.
He went on to bewilder and bemuse all of us there with his comedy versions of magic tricks.
He went one step further to make sure that all the little children there had a wonderful balloon to take home with them.
It caused such a buzz that the manager approached us, not knowing whether to chuck us out; book Matt for a party, or ask him to make a balloon for his children.
You can see Matt's work on Facebook. Like 'The Occasional Twist' page and make your parties amazing!


You can follow Phil Evans on Twitter @philevanswales and


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