Youth Council works to tackle domestic abuse in Carmarthenshire

Young people in Carmarthenshire have been working to raise awareness of domestic abuse and healthy relationships.
Over the past few months, members of Carmarthenshire Youth Council, supported by County Council officers, have been looking into and gathering young people’s views and experiences on domestic abuse and healthy teen relationships.
The work involved planning and running a youth conference, called “Abuse At Home, You’re Not Alone” which coincided with the 25th anniversary of Universal Children’s Rights Day.
As a result of the conference, the young people put together a report which highlighted the main concerns raised.
The report was shared with young people, decision makers and relevant partners and agencies from across Carmarthenshire and Wales.
The three main concerns and options raised were:
  • Gossiping versus passing on information
  • Telling someone about domestic abuse
  • Raising awareness and accessing better support
CYC Chair Freya Amsbury, aged 17, said: “To ensure that decision makers listen to young peoples concerns we attended a Children and Young Peoples Partnership meeting and have other meetings planned for the coming months.
“Copies of the report were sent to local MPs and AMs, managers of Carmarthenshire County Council, elected members, the Police and Crime Commissioners Office, and local and national organisations representing children and young people or working on domestic abuse.”
Sarah Powell, the councils Participation Officer said: “The Youth Council has been working so hard to raise awareness of domestic abuse and the issues important to young people when faced with such situations.
“With domestic abuse incidents continuing to rise, especially in teenage relationships, it’s important that we listen to young people’s opinions, to ensure young people are safe and protected in our county.”
The Youth Council has received local and national support for the conference, report and their continued work.
Read the report online at


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