Kevin Green celebrates breaking through onto world stage as public speaker

Social entrepreneur and multi-millionaire Kevin Green has plenty of reason for celebrating this week.
He’s spent his 51st birthday in Tobago and he also been able to celebrate a breakthrough moment as an in-demand international motivational and business speaker.
“This summer and autumn has seen me break through onto the world circuit of speakers,” Green said before taking the stage at Wales’ biggest business exhibition in Cardiff.
“I’ve done public speaking on an international level on plenty of occasions, but the last couple of weeks have seen the whole thing take off to a new level.”
Green completed a whirlwind tour of Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand and Malaysia before taking a short holiday break in the West Indies and then returning to home territory for the Introbiz Business Exhibition at the Cardiff City House of Sport.
“I’ve been clocking up the air miles,” Green laughed.
“But it’s been a wonderful experience and the chance to talk to so many people on my tour of the Far East was one not to be missed.”
Green is already an annual visitor to New Zealand and Australia for public speaking engagements.
He is in regular demand on the UK speaking circuit and regularly lectures in London on his own Kevin Green Wealth seminars.
This year, he has branched out into speaking engagements in The Netherlands and Belgium.
“Europe has been a great growth area for my brand of business speaking and training. I get a wonderful response the other side of the English Channel.
“The response in the Far East, meanwhile, is mind-blowing.
“The audiences are massive and the venues superb. The people are wonderfully friendly and you get a great vibe and great feedback from helping people further their business and entrepreneurial ambitions.
“Occasionally, it gets a bit scary, in a nice way. Especially in Vietnam, as we had to use translation facilities and I had to slow down my ‘full-speed’ Welsh accent for the translators. It’s a nervous moment waiting for some of the jokes to be translated, I can tell you.”
Green, the UK’s largest private landlord, is currently in negotiations to return to Vietnam to deliver training on property investment.
He added: “Most of my talks in the Far East were on the theme of creating wealth and happiness and the response was very positive from all the delegates.
“Next in the pipeline are trips to New Zealand and, hopefully, Australia.
“It all sounds like a ‘jet-set’ existence, but, in reality, it is also hard work.
“You have to be prepared for what are major public speaking events. The audience at these business events pay good money to come and listen to what you have to say, so you really have to be on the top of your game as a public speaker.”

And the crowd go wild as Kevin Green speaks in Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam.
Kevin Green with fellow speaker and investor Mary Buffett, who discussed her own Buffettology theories.
Kevin Green enjoys a drink at Saigon's famous Chill Sky Bar.


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