Carmarthenshire smokers urged to stub out cigarettes in new campaign

Smokers in Carmarthenshire are being urged to stub-out cigarette related litter in a new campaign.
Council officers are working with pub landlords and restaurants across the county to encourage people to bin their butts.
During the launch of the campaign, held at the The Stag in Five Roads, Llanelli, a sample of pocket ashtrays were given to the landlord and landlady in a bid to help reduce cigarette related litter at the premises.
Enforcement officers will be visiting other hotspot areas across the county and handing out posters to premises which have problems with cigarette littering to remind smokers that if they’re caught littering they could get fined £75 or a maximum of £2,500 if prosecuted through the magistrates court.
Executive Board Member for Environmental and Public Protection, Cllr Jim Jones, said: “Many people do not think of cigarette ends as litter, but it is. Dropping a cigarette end is no different from throwing away any other sort of litter. It makes the area look unsightly and is difficult and expensive to clean up. I hope people will take notice of this campaign and put their cigarette ends in the bin.”
Figures show that around 83% of all litter found on the county’s streets is smoking-related.
Landlady of The Stag, Nicola Davies said: “We have been having a problem with cigarette ends being dropped but since we put these posters up and handed out pocket ashtrays it has raised awareness and has already helped to ease the problem. People are realising that dropping cigarette butts is a fineable offence.”


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