Dubai-born actress committed to inspire her Welsh contemporaries

Rising star Samira Mohamed Ali, an aspiring young actress of mixed Dubai and Portuguese parentage, is having an inspirational effect on her adopted country of Wales.
Her father passed away when she was just eight and Samira had to share family responsibilities from an early age.
After many years of successful international modelling contracts, at the age of 21 she qualified in here banking exams and started to work alongside top Banking Directors at global giant HSBC to present on the HSBC TV channel, but now she is following her dreams and venturing into the world of feature films.
Samira, 28, currently lives in Swansea, the birthplace of Hollywood Actress Catherine Zeta Jones, but is tipped by film critics to be one of the big emerging stars of 2014.
Her first lead role will be by the side of BAFTA nominated actor George Newton ("Dead Man's Shoes" and "This is England") in the soon-to-be-released British horror movie "Molly Crows".
Director Ray Wilkes described her performance, as "a phenomenal actress who brought a depth and fragility to the role that I didn't know existed."
More major roles are to follow, including a lead role in both a Hollywood-produced "Doctor Who" movie in 2013 and an MMA martial arts action franchise movie and two other Bollywood feature films in 2014.
Samira's objectives include more than establishing herself as a respected new film actress.
She says - "Wales has been a great place to live and I've always been made to feel very welcome amongst the Welsh community. I'm committed to doing my bit to inspire my contemporaries through being the Ambassador for the Film In Wales project, and attempting to break out into the Bollywood and Hollywood film industries. I hope that I will be an inspiration to young aspiring actors.
"People these days forget Wales' vast cultural heritage and history. We've produced eight American Presidents, and even Hillary Clinton, a likely contender for the next US election, is of direct Welsh descent.
"To paraphrase President Kennedy in his inaugural address - 'the torch has been passed to a new generation of young Welsh people, proud of their ancient heritage, seeking to rekindle the glorious success and progress which their forefathers achieved throughout the world'."

The UK premiere of the British Horror "Molly Crows" will top the bill at the Portobello Film Festival in Notting Hill on Friday 13th September following great reviews at this year's Cannes Film Festival.
 .     Samira will play the lead role in the Bollywood film "Badshah" due
to be released early 2014
.     Samira will play one of the lead roles in "Dr Who" movie as the
Queen of Gallifrey
.     Samira started as a brands model working with many international
companies and commercial campaigns across UK, Dubai, Portugal, Spain, France and Bahamas. She has also won beauty titles such as Miss Europe and has reached top 10 in the World Supermodel competition in 2012.
.     UK Premiere of "Molly Crows" on 13th September 2013 on at the
Portobello Film Festival, Notting Hill.

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